Episode 10: Steps to avoid Career Frustration with Alyse Kalish

Alyse Kalish

Steps to Avoid Career Frustration with The Muse Editor Alyse Kalish

On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Steps to Avoid Career Frustration) we are Joined by The Editor of the Muse. The Muse is a New York City based Online Career Platform founded in 2011 by Kathryn Minshew.

Along with being the Editor of the Muse, Alyse is featured regularly in noted publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, Inc.com, CNBC’s Make It, USA Today, Lifehacker and Mashable. Alyse also has a fantastic blog where she covers a range of thought-provoking subjects, well worth a read. Some of the areas we cover.

  • Developing a Solid CV
  • Failure in the workplace will happen from time to time.
  • Building a stronger Mindset
  • Professor Johannes Haushofer – How Failure illustrates our success.

Alyse’s Blog

The Muse

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