Tune into MPF and Find the Magic in Failure

My Perfect Failure

Let’s transform Failure into your best Friend.

My Perfect Failure will take you on a Journey and show how our apparent Failures can very often be our gateway to a brighter and more fulfilled future full of promise and exciting opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong the idea isn’t to seek out Failure or difficult situations, but more over to see how we can use our perceived Failures or Challenging situations as opportunities.

Have your got an inspirational story?
Do you want to inspire others?


  • Edie Weinstein
    Paul is a consummate interviewer who knows the questions to ask as he finds the way through the door to the inner sanctum where the treasures lie. Listen to this show!
  • Ryan Eckert
    I would strongly recommend listening to the My Perfect Failure podcast series as it will shed light on others' journeys and show you that you are not alone in your path consisting of a blend of both success and failure.
  • Jill L. Ferguson
    I was honored and humbled to be asked to be on the show and I've enjoyed working with Paul since then on the path of helping entrepreneurs, freelancers and others on their career journeys.
  • Harvey Deutschendorf
    Paul has the ability to dig deeper and bring out additional information that adds value to the interview. If you have the opportunity to be interviewed by him, take it!
  • Dr Zeeshan Akhtar
    We understand that the insights we take onboard from our Failures will ensure we give our users the very best product.
    Definitely tune into My Perfect Failure.
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  • Dr Yvonne Kaye
    Paul is very aware. His questions in the interview were not only intelligent, they were compassionate. I wish him well in his future and look forward to hearing his blogs.
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