Episode 13: Adapting to Career change with Dr Matt J. Goren

Dr Matt J. Goren

Adapting to Career change with Dr Matt J. Goren

On this episode on My Perfect Failure (Adapting to Career change) we are joined by Dr Matt J. Goren.  Matt has a deep-rooted passion for educating and helping others.  This is evident in his rich and varied career to date where he has achieved a great deal.   Matt has a PHD from the University of Berkley, he’s a diversity trainer and a Professor of Cultural Psychology.  Matt has also worked as a Comedy Writer and Performer; Matt is also a Certified Financial Planner and Statistician.  Matt now has his own consulting business where he helps organisations strategize, assess and improve their Financial Programs and services.  Matt is also co Host the popular NPR Podcast “Nothing Funny About Money”.

On this episode we discuss how Matt has adapted to the rigours of career change and how we can always reinvent ourselves to have a successful new career.   Some of the areas we cover.

  • Matt discusses his academic Journey.
  • Matt sheds light on making the transition from one Career to another.
  • Staying the course to achieve your goals
  • Nothing Funny About Money:  Matt explains coming up with his Podcast idea and getting it aired on NPR.

Tune into Matt’s Podcast: Nothing Funny About Money

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