Episode 08: Practicing Failure with Caroline Flanagan

Caroline Flanagan

Practicing Failure with Caroline Flanagan

On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Practicing Failure) we are joined by Former International Banking Lawyer Caroline Flanagan who has successfully transitioned to become a successful Professional Coach as the founder and Creator of her Coaching business Babyproofyourlife. Caroline combines these duties with being a Wife, Mother, host of her own Podcast as well as an Author of her debut book Babyproof your Career.

On this episode of My Perfect Failure Caroline provides insights into what inspired her to launch Babyproofyourlife and how she is using this platform to now help others achieve their professional goals. Caroline also explains how she has set herself the challenge to Fail One hundred times this year. Some of the areas we cover.

  • Caroline explains her Journey to Founding and Creating Babyproofyourlife.
  • Caroline tells us about her challenge to fail 100 times this year.
  • We discuss how Caroline breaks Failure down into 2 categories. Task Failures and Identity Failures.
  • We discuss Mastering Failure.

Caroline’s book Babyproof Your Career

Babyproof Your Life: Looking to hire Caroline

Podcast Episode from Caroline. Fail again. Fail better. Why you should give yourself permission to fail

  • https://www.carolineflanagan.com/episode4/

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