Episode 05: Failure and The Unconscious with Diana C. Pitaru

Diana C. Pitaru
Failure and The Unconscious with Diana C. Pitaru

On this episode of My Perfect Failure “Failure and The Unconscious” Paul is joined by Psychotherapist Diana C. Pitaru. Diana has trained in both Europe and the US and has extensive insights into the various environments that impact our emotional health. Diana’s expertise ranges from existential/identity issues, trauma, depression, anxiety, and relationships and has had great results using long term depth psychotherapy treatment.
In this episode Diana provides insights into the role our unconscious can play in helping us deal with feeling of Failure and Fear. Some of the areas we cover.
• Why is Failure Unacceptable to some people?
• Can we overcome our fear of failure?
• What makes up the unconscious?
• Can we control our unconscious?
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